© Reuters Renowned Crypto Analyst Shares Top Altcoins with Short-term Profit Potential
  • Crypto analyst Mac shares details of top Altcoins with short-term money-making potential.
  • The crypto trader has expectations for the BSC ecosystem, given the increased TVL.
  • Mac believes investing in the meme token (DOGE) would be fruitful.

Crypto analyst and trading guru Mac (MacnBTC) shares his top picks among crypto coins with short-term money-making potential. Firstly, the crypto trader categorized altcoins based on infrastructure, total value locked (TVL) on-chain, and community sentiment.

On the infrastructural side, Mac argues there is close to no competition in the market following the ill fate of (SOL) and the former CEO of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried. He claims to have eyes on the Binance Chain ecosystem, given the increased TVL, noting that more teams and projects would key in soon.

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